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Our vision is that every young person dreams big and can see clearer pathways to education and work.



We work across 3 key regions, Greater Shepparton, Moira and Strathbogie Shires



Longstanding reputation with schools and community

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Linking students to industries and supporting workforce transitions

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Giving industries the opportunity to showcase career pathways

What area do we cover?

Moira Shire
Greater Shepparton
Strathbogie Shire

GMLLEN facilitates partnerships and brokers initiatives between education, industry, training providers and local community organisations to deliver place-based support and address gaps in the local community.

Working to develop programs and initiatives that connect industry, education and training providers. These initiatives aim to support successful transitions into education, training and employment to ensure every young person, no matter their circumstance, can thrive and be the best version of themselves.

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How do we improve youth outcomes?

  • Create touch-points for young people
  • Youth make informed decisions
  • Connecting community with students
  • Virtual Reality experiences
  • Onsite industry visits
  • Mentor & personal development programs

GMLLEN provides many touch points for young people to be linked to Industry through their secondary years, the more touch points a young person has, the more engaged; the more inspired; and the more connected  they are. Engagement leads to growing aspiration and participation in school and community, which enables students to make more informed decisions about their future pathway.

We connect employers and community organisations to students via the classroom; employers provide valuable talks about their work life and the pathway they’ve taken to get there, whilst community organisation provide informative information about supports available to assist with the transition from school to work.

We provide experiences via Virtual Reality to connect students to industries, and experience real work environments to build aspirations and start career conversations. We take students out of the classroom to visit onsite at local businesses, which allows students to gain exposure and awareness of the opportunities around them.

We also provide opportunities for students to participate in programs like Project Ready a work-readiness program.


How do we grow youth participation?

  • Online portal connecting teachers with employers
  • Bringing industry to the classroom
  • Career and pathway talks
  • Local labour market insights
  • Create projects to meet the needs of your school

Industry connection, work readiness preparation and a place-based approach, have all been key focuses of the Senior Secondary Reforms, and much of the work the LLEN delivers in their contract with the Department of Education, compliments and supports this.

Teachers can access the SWL Portal to find local employers ready to take on your students for work placement.
Use our bank of industry connections to visit your classroom, provide career and pathway talks on how to enter the workforce and engage your students to consider their next steps.

GMLLEN also uses their networks to provide teacher capacity building workshops that provide insights into the local labour market and employer’s needs. GMLLEN also commissioned the How Work Works report, a Youth-led research report, providing valuable insights into employer’s needs, local labour market data and highlighted some of the barriers causing a disconnect between young people and the jobs.

Through collaboration with key stakeholders including industry, community organisations, local government, TAFEs and RTOs, GMLLEN can create projects to meet the needs of your school and students, whilst meeting industry needs.


How do we engage local industry?

  • Major events such as Careers Day Out
  • Hands-on activities to attract future workforce
  • Work placement opportunites
  • School-based apprenticeships & traineeships
  • Prepare businesses to engage young people

GMLLEN engages local industry through a range of School to Work Initiatives. Industry can become exhibitors at Careers Day Out or present a workshop at Dookie Food and Fibre, these events enable employers the opportunity to showcase their business and engage young people in hands-on activities that will attract their future workforce.

We support employers to promote work placement and School-based Apprenticeship and Traineeship opportunities in their business and set up good practices around preparing to engage young people in the workplace.

By building creative and sustainable partnerships with industry, LLENs can ensure Industries future relationships with schools is a seamless process, this will allow the linkages to continue into the future.


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