Grow confidence
and work
readiness skills

Project Ready

Youth Benefits

  • Hands-on industry training experiences
  • Discover confidence and resilience
  • Identify unique skills
  • Help students plan for their career
  • Reveal work pathways
  • Improve communications skills

Project Ready is a hands-on work readiness and personal development program that incorporates a VET Certificate II in Active Volunteering, it’s aimed at supporting a wide range of students, those at risk of disengaging from school, inclusive education cohorts or those who have not identified a preferred career path or developed the work readiness skills required to successfully transition into further training or the workforce.

What's Involved?

  • Incorporates VET Certificate II in Active Volunteering
  • Visits to local workplaces
  • Volunteering and community involvement
  • Learn about the job application process
  • Develop stress management, mindfulness & goal setting tools
  • Learn about project development, enterprise & entrepreneurial skills
  • Gain OH&S skills

Whats Next?