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School-Employer Engagement Support Program

Nowadays, most schools offer a range of opportunities for students to engage with the world of work. This might involve learning about employer expectations, spending time in a workplace through placement or community work, or in paid part-time employment. For these programs to be successful, it is vital to have the support of quality host workplaces and employers.

Becoming a host employer or involving yourself in school activities is a great opportunity for you to:

  • participate in the education, career development and training of young people in your community
  • talk to students about your industry, its career paths and future directions
  • promote the attitudes and skills you want in your workforce
  • identify young people with potential for your industry
  • strengthen your links with the community and raise your business profile

Types of activities that you can support include:

  • Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning placements
  • School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • School Community Work (school-approved volunteering)
  • Events such as workplace visits, mock interviews, career expos, etc.
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Program Objectives

The School-Employer Engagement Support program aims to:

  • Facilitate quality, meaningful engagement between schools and employers
  • Identify and raise awareness of local needs and industry priorities
  • Generate and promote opportunities
  • Increase the number of school students accessing appropriate opportunities

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Work with schools and employers to develop, implement and evaluate activities which support the program
  • Provide employers with copies of the Child Safe Standards and the Department’s Privacy and Information Sharing Policy.
  • Advise employers of procedures and legal documentation requirements for placements and/or events
  • Review all employer and opportunity data and communications for accuracy and completeness
  • Communicate approved opportunities to local schools and students via the SWL statewide portal
  • Provide support to schools and employers as required


  • Work collaboratively with LLEN staff to develop, implement and evaluate program activities
  • Read, understand and agree to abide by the relevant Department of Education protocols and guidelines, including Child Safe Standards and Privacy and Information Sharing Policy
  • When undertaking placements:
    • Meet applicant students for placements and sign the relevant Arrangement Form(s)
    • Communicate established protocols for placements and working with students to staff
    • Inform LLEN staff of any issues that may arise during placement or other activities
    • Provide a safe working environment, including a full induction for the student, based on company policy
    • Provide clear instructions, supervision and varied tasks for the placement student each day
    • Ensure placement student is paid according to the agreement, as signed on the appropriate Arrangement Form


  • Follow agreed SWL Portal protocols regarding correct use of opportunities and events
  • Encourage students to provide feedback on events through the SWL Portal
  • When undertaking placements:
  • Determine that the school student is suitable to undertake work placement
  • Provide placement students with appropriate placement readiness training
  • Ensure that the student has met the employer prior to commencing the work placement
  • Ensure that the relevant Arrangement Forms have been completed and signed by the student, parent (if applicable), host employer and principal prior to the student commencing placement
  • Contact the host employer during the placement, to support the student and host employer with any issues that may arise.

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